About Us

Potential customers always want to know more about Party Bus NY as a company and what we have to offer to you. The first thing we like to tell them about is our huge selection of vehicles that are designed to meet all your needs. You've never seen a bus like this before! Forget the rows of seating that make it so uncomfortable to chat. We feature wraparound custom leather seating that is plush and cozy, plus cup holders so you don't have to hold your drink all night while the bus traverses the New York streets. There are relaxing and exciting color-changing lighting features to set the tone for the evening, stripper poles, mirrored ceilings, built-in bars with coolers, and plenty of televisions and audio systems to keep your eyes and ears satisfied while you're on the road.

But a good party bus company knows that it's about more than just the buses. Party Bus NY has the very best chauffeurs in New York, professionally trained to give you the very best possible time on a limo bus. The insurance policies that we take out are to the maximum extent that New York law allows, and we have plenty of safety features built in that will protect you without you ever having to think about clicking on a seatbelt. You won't have any concerns about parking, designated drivers, traffic, getting lost, or any other worries whatsoever when you are with us. We'd be thrilled to tell you even more. Just give us a call at 516-847-5620 or send us an email at info@partybusny.net!